Our founder (see right picture) was born and raised in the Netherlands in a baker’s family right on the German border (see left picture, his roots).

To him the Germans are the best bakers in the world.  In 2004 at the age of 53, he sold his bakery business to chase his dream to have a far away ranch in his beloved Utah.

In 2013, he developed an idea that had been lingering in his mind for years.  How to bring fully authentic German imported quality artisanal breads, rolls, and pastries to the USA at an affordable price.

The breads are produced in small batches with utmost care and in accordance with hundreds of years of old traditional recipes.  These breads are his strongest passion and he states that we offer breads in truly different styles that non one offers in the USA in these volumes.  He stresses the fact that we do not just use wheat flour breads but a variety of wheat flours and more importantly a number of rye flours baked in mixes from full wheat to full rye and with a number of sour dough mild to strong.  Authentic hard crispy rolls that crack when you bite them and pastries from the best German bakers.  In fact we offer all the same products that you find in a German Bakery Cafe of today.

He bought land in Orderville, Utah in 2013 and build a brand new German Bakery and Restaurant in a special architectural style over the winter and opened on April 26th 2014.  When he explains how he wants to run the place he uses words like passion, for people to see, an adventure for the customer, show, music, smiles, atmosphere and above all different, different, different.

In October 2019, Chris leases another location in Henderson (Nevada) to open another Forscher Bakery. Around February 2020, building permits are there and construction starts in the beginning of March 2020. The Coronavirus Pandemic hits in, and the planned opening date moves up a few times. Finally, the 22th of May, Forscher Henderson has it’s “soft” opening.

The success was instant and is growing fast. Let’s see how far he can bring us.