Bread Rolls

XXL Brinkchen 2.8 oz.

XXL Brinkchen 80 g
The Forscher bread roll is a German classic with a delicate aromatic crumb and a crunchy crust.

100% wheat flour with wheat-based sponge pre-dough.

Kaiser roll 2.5 oz.

Kaisersemmel 70 g
A wheat and rye flour mixed bread with more wheat than rye makes it a milder less sourdough taste. It is very popular in Germany.

100% wheat flour with wheat-based sponge pre-dough.

Pumpkin multi seed roll 2.5 oz.

Junior Vital Broetchen 70 g
This roll is sprinkled with pumpkin seeds and contains soy, sesame, lin and pumpkin seeds.

100% wheat flour with a 3-stage rye sourdough.

Rauten Chia roll 3.5 oz.

Rautenbroetchen mit Chia 100 g
Made with grated carrots, Chia, Quinoa and herbs. An awesome healthy roll.

Krusti roll 3.5 oz.

Krusti 100 g
Made with the intend to have more crust and less crumb.

Rustino Italiano 3.5 oz.

Rustico 100 g
A hand-crafted small bread baked after processing the dough for 18 hours. It’s very flavorful has large pores and its crust make this a very special bread.

100% wheat flour with rye sourdough.

German Pretzel Braid 3.5 oz.

Laugenbrezel 100 g
This “Schwabian” style pretzel braid is made from traditional yeast-dough and is sprinkled with raw salt.

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