Waves of the Danube cake 3.5 oz.

Donauwelle 100 g
With sunken sweet sour cherries and a light-colored crème, this cake specialty is made from light and dark sponge cake. Covered with vanilla pudding and a thick layer of chocolate.

Bee sting fine creme cake 2.6 oz.

Bienenstich 75 g
Made from a special airy yeast dough and filled with a fine crème layer and almond flakes on top.

Apple cinnamon Sugar Cake 7.7 oz.

Knusperapfel Quadro 220 g
This cake is made with real high quality apple pieces that still have a bite. It has a very special brittle dough and is topped a mix of cinnamon and powdered sugar.

German Cheese Cake 7.7 lbs

Landkuchen mit Kaese 3500 g
This traditional cake is made with a special dough and topped with a thick layer of sweetened  fluffy cheese made from curds.

German orange cheese cake 7.7 lbs

Orangenkuchen 3500 g
A traditional German cheese cake topped with orange pieces.

Butter crumble apple cake 5.6 lbs.

Landkuchen Apfel 2550 g
Traditional cake is made with a special dough a layer of fresh apples and topped with butter crumble.

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