Fine pastries

Almond Chocolate Triangle 2.3 oz.

Mandelecke 100 g
A brittle dough covered with almond shaving and chocolate.

Red currants butter crumble 5.3 oz. Streuselkuchen 120 g
Made from butter-yeast dough this red currant butter crumble cake is topped with red currants and icing.

Cinnamon and sugar pastry 3.1 oz.

Franzbroetchen 90 g
This whirl is made with a cinnamon and sugar mix.

Apple Berliner doughnut 3.9 oz.

Apfelberliner 110 g
Made from a fine butter-dough this pastry whirl has a 30% apple filling and is topped with cinnamon sugar.

Carnival Berliner Doughnut 3.2 oz.

Fastnachtkuechle 90 g
A doughnut batter with a curd and a hint of cinnamon rolled through raw sugar.

Almond horns 2.8 oz.

Mandelhoernchen 80 g
Marzipan pastry covered with almond shavings and dipped in quality chocolate on the ends

Love Bones 2.8 oz.

Liebesknochen 80 g
A Danish dough made from marzipan and raisons then brushed with apricot wash, icing and chocolate.

Coconut macarone chocolate 3.5 oz.

Kokosmakrone 100 g
Coconut macaroon with a chocolate foot.

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