German Breads

Pumpkin multi-seed bread 26 oz.

Junior brot 750 g
This loaf is sprinkled with pumpkin seeds and has a 24% seed content consisting of soy, sesame linseed and pumpkin seed.

69% wheat flour 31% rye flour with a 3-stage natural rye sourdough.

German bread mild 17.5 oz.

Mildbackbrot 500 g
A wheat and rye flour mixed bread with more wheat than rye makes it a milder less sourdough taste. It is very popular in Germany.

65% wheat flour and 35% rye flour with 3-stage natural rye sourdough.

Malted bread 26 oz.

Malzbrot 750 g
This bread contains some roasted barley malt and has a decoration on the crust, an aromatic crumb with a thin crunchy crust. Awesome in the true sense.

35% wheat flour 65% rye flour.

Country bread 17.5 oz.

Landbrot 500 g
A traditional rye and wheat bread with a strong sourdough flavor.

31% wheat flour 69% rye flour with a 3-stage natural rye sourdough.

Traditional Rye bread 35 oz.

Ur-Roggen 1000 g
This hand-crafted very old traditional rye bread has a thick wild crust full of rye flavor.

17% wheat flour 83% rye flour made with a 3-stage natural rye sourdough.

Rye crust bread 35 oz.

Roggenkruste 1000 g
With only 9% wheat this it is the fullest rye we have with a strong taste and thick crust.

9% wheat flour 91 % rye flour with a 3-stage natural rye sourdough.

Friesian crust rye bread 26 oz.

Friesenkruste 750 g
This whole rye bread contains 10% sunflower seeds and 8% spelt and gets its distinctive taste by adding roasted barley malt. A bread with a world of flavors. The rye is cut rather than milled.

12% wheat flour 75% rye flour 13% sunflower seeds with a 3-stage natural rye sourdough.

Rustic Spelt Bread 17.5 oz.

Artisan Dinkel 500 g
Contains 89% spelt flour and 11% wheat flour. Made by hand with visible kernels of spelt and sunflower seeds. The sour dough used has a mild delicate flavor.

Artisan Ruhbrot 26 oz.

Artisan Ruchbrot 500 g
What’s so special about this bread is that we use a special wheat from Switzerland called Ruchmehl that has a typical slightly smoked flavor. The sourdough process for this bread takes 20 hours. Part of the flour sits in hot water for some time and is added to the dough. Considering this is a wheat bread it stays fresh fairly long.

Rustic Baguette 14 oz.

Rustico Baguettes 400 g
This awesome artisanal baguette gets its traditional flavor through long dough processing.

Flat Bread 17.5 oz.

Fladenbrot 500 g
A Mediterranean style flat bread with a large-pored aromatic crumb topped with some olive oil, poppy and sesame seed. The way you can use this bread is endless.

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