Forscher Bakery USA imports all of its ingredients from our bakery in Germany. Not one ounce of the breads and pastries we have comes from the United States and this is the only way to produce Authentic German bakery products.
Our bakery in Germany belongs to the quality elite of the food industry in Germany. In 2013, the bakery was awarded the Price of the Best for the 14th time. Once more this is proof that we continue to follow our philosophy of quality in the production of first class, handcrafted, top quality products that we bake so passionately every day.

The ‘Bundesehrenpreis’ (National prize) is the highest award for companies in the German bakery products sector. The prize is awarded by the Federal ministry of Food Agriculture and Consumer Protection. Our bakery has already had the honor of picking up this prestige award 6 times. The most important quality of our breads and rolls are its crusts that are simply amazing and unique. As an example our most popular XXL wheat roll with a shiny caramelized crust and airy interior with our mild wheat based pre-dough and slow baked to perfection. Our rye crust breads are baked with almost 100% rye flour and 4-stage stronger rye based sour dough into a thick tasty rye crust and aromatic crumb. All our breads are distinctively different in contrast with American craft bakers that only use wheat flour and have almost no distinctive flavor apart from things they add like rosemary, cheese and so on which is of course easy to do.

We use century old traditional recipes and more importantly methods and have the authentic craft bakers to do it. We use no less than 3 types of wheat flour and 6 types of rye flour most of which are not even available in the US. We go from breads made of 100% wheat flour to 100% rye flour and every combination of these two in between which we can call a true choice.

The many pastries that we offer are also 100% German and prepared in Germany. In fact when you step into a German Bakery and Café today you will find the exact same breads, rolls and pastries that we offer in the United States.

About our Breads

Rye Breads
The darker heavier rye breads do even when harder or dryer stay very palatable for up to a week or more due to the rye, our sour doughs and craftsmanship.

White Breads
The white breads stale faster depending on how much wheat they contain.  A very simple solution is to then slice and TOAST the bread.  Try it and you will see!

You can also cut off part of the bread that you do not wish to eat within two days bag it, FREEZE it and thaw and bake just until hot inside 400 degrees.

The heavier the bread the thinner the slice or you have a problem chewing it down.  Use a sharp quality bread knife and slice with a slow sawing motion instead of pushing and crushing it.

Quality not Quantity is the key
Don’t pile our quality breads with layers of meats and cheese instead butter will and use a few slices of high quality meat , cheese, jam or whatever else you prefer!

About our rolls
All of our rolls stale fairly fast.  The best advice is to eat them within a couple of hours to enjoy the full glory of the crisp cracking sound and flavor of these unique rolls.  Alternatives after a day put them in the oven for five minutes bake at 400 degrees.  You can also freeze right away and do the same finish bake from frozen.