3 stage natural sourdough

Many of our breads and rolls are made by using a so called 3-stage natural sourdough. This sourdough is made using a very complex method optimally bringing together traditional craftsmanship and computer technology. The 3 stages mean that we alter the sour dough twice before we use it in the final dough.

To make this 3 stage natural sourdough we do not use big sourdough containers but smaller batches in dough bowls. The fact that these batches are small and not large makes for a much better and more complex flavor. Also do its micro-organisms lower the level of phytin which is a natural grain protective substance in the outer part of the grain that binds certain minerals like zinc and magnesium. This way more of these minerals become available for your body and health. Any use of sour dough works also as leavening which means you can use less yeast that also influences the flavor.


Wheat-based sponge pre-dough

In a number of our rolls and breads with a majority percentage of wheat flour we use a special sponge pre-dough. It is not really necessary to use a wheat-based pre-dough to bake wheat breads and rolls so it is rarely used. Even in Germany only very few bakers use this method. We however do the extra effort as it ensures a better taste, flavor and better shelf life. These sour dough batches are kept for 24 hours at a relatively cool temperature. This one-stage sourdough is actually made before preparing the final dough. During the long maturation the tasteless complex sugars in the flour e.g. starches are converted into single and double sugars as a result of enzyme activity. These sugars show themselves in a delicate flavor and special and positive characteristics of the crust. In addition yeast cells multiply naturally as do the acids, esters and other flavors which also influence the delicate flavor of our wheat breads and rolls.

3 stage natural sourdough and sponge wheat-based pre dough are used as a combination in a number of our breads.